Meet Kellen

New builds are unique in that you have to have the vision to see a home before it exists. The same could be said for connecting people – you have to have the vision of what kind of good working relationship could exist. I’m grateful to have those visions of development across the board, and I’m always connecting people so they can have the relationships that help them thrive.

Working in development and new builds means I get the chance to build something that will still be here when I’m gone. Creating new communities and houses that people will truly call home is something that means a lot to me. Being part of that building process also means I get to know the builders and the quality work they represent – so I feel confident that what I’m selling has been well-built and will be enjoyed for years to come.

As a native Nashvillian, I’ve seen and experienced so much change in the area. Even through this change and incredible growth, the Nashville area has been able to retain its small town feel (like running into people you know!) while offering totally new experiences and amenities that big cities have to offer. Nashville is also a great place for families. My wife and I have 2 kids, and we love getting them out in the country to fish and enjoy nature.

Let me work for you. Contact me to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, and let’s make a plan that gets you moving.

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